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  • To enter, you must get married or be married in 2018/2019.
  • You may only enter for the month in which you got married.
  • Beeld has the right to request your marriage certificate.
  • Not all entries will be published after all have been submitted to a selection process.
  • If you do not receive Beeld in your area, you will be responsible for obtaining this newspaper.
  • Photos will be published only in Beeld.


  • Where did you two meet?
  • How long have you known each other?
  • What are your occupations?
  • What are your interests?
  • What is your definition of a happy marriage?
  • Tell us about your wedding. Did you have a theme and what inspired you?
  • Describe the style of your wedding. How did you decide on your dress and look?
  • What was the highlight of your wedding?


  • Wedding date
  • Bride's full names
  • Bride's first name
  • Groom's full name
  • Groom's first name
  • Residential address
  • Bride's email address
  • Bride's contact number
  • Groom's email address
  • Groom's contact number


  • Include a clear head-and-shoulders and a full-length photograph of the bride (colour or black and white, at least 1MB in size) as an attachment to your email entry.
  • Send email entries to before 12:00 on the closing date.
  • Beeld will not enter into any correspondence on entries.
  • Keep to the closing dates. Your entry must reach the Brides inbox before 12:00 on the closing date. No exceptions will be made for late entries.


  • No employee or family members of the sponsors of Media24 may enter.
  • Not all entries will be published. The first selection will be done by a panel. The bride who receives the most votes in her specific month of entry, will be a finalist.
  • If, for any reason, a finalist cannot attend the crowning ceremony, she will forfeit her chance to compete for Bride Bride of the Year. She will, however, still receive her prizes for being a finalist.
  • Beeld's editor retains the right to disqualify finalist(s) who at any time behave in such manner that they embarrass Beeld, the competition or the name of the relevant finalist(s). This includes (but is not limited to) behaviour which may lead to the finalist's arrest, court appearance, involvement in a police investigation (even before being found guilty) and unbecoming or scandalous behaviour, whether this is published in the media or not.
  • Beeld does not accept responsibilty for sponsors who do not fulfil their obligations, or for entries which get lost.
  • Entry into this competition implies permission for Beeld and/or the sponsors to contact you.
  • The adjudicators' decision shall be final and no correspondence on this competition will be entered into.
  • For enquiries please send an email to


 JANUARY 2018 - BRIDES: 11 April 2018
 FEBRUARY 2018 - BRIDES: 03 May 2018
 MARCH 2018 - BRIDES: 06 June 2018
 APRIL 2018 - BRIDES: 12 July 2018
 MAY 2018 - BRIDES: 15 August 2018
 JUNE 2018 - BRIDES: 15 August 2018
 JULY 2018 - BRIDES: 19 September 2018
 AUGUST 2018 - BRIDES: 19 September 2018
 SEPTEMBER 2018 - BRIDES: 24 October 2018
 OCTOBER 2018 - BRIDES: 28 November 2018
 NOVEMBER 2018 - BRIDES: 02 January 2019
 DECEMBER 2018 - BRIDES: 06 February 2019


When a bride's photo is published, readers can vote for their favourite bride by cutting out her photograph (only original published photos will be accepted), pasting it on the back of an envelope and sending it to the address below, together with their name, adress and telephone numbers:
        Bruid Of The Year 2018
        PO Box 595
        Auckland Park

Votes can also be delivered to Beeld's office in Johannesburg, or can be couriered and must reach us by the correct closing date and time (on the Friday after the photos have been published at 12:00).
        Bride Of The Year 2018
        Kingsway 69

It remains the bride's responsibility to submit votes in time and Beeld does not accept responsibility for late votes for any reason whatsoever. Late votes will not be considered.

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