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-- Based In Pretoria --
-- Playing In Gauteng And Surrounding Provinces --
  • Deposits are non-refundable.
  • All outstanding fees must be paid at least 7 days before the function.
  • I do not reserve a date before receiving and acknowledging receipt of a deposit per email.
  • An extra amount of R500 per hour is payable in cash prior to any service I may render after 00:00.
  • The venue may not be changed after payment of the deposit. Gauteng DJ reserves the right to cancel the booking if this should happen and the client will then forfeit the deposit.
  • The date of the wedding may not be changed after paying the deposit. Gauteng DJ reserves the right to cancel the booking if this should happen and the client will then forfeit the deposit.

  • All meetings and discussions will take place only at my residential address.
  • I do not attend any prior rehearsals, discussions or meetings at the church, wedding venue or other place.
  • I work from home and am therefore available during the week and after hours to meet couples and clients. I am not available on Saturdays as I then work at weddings. Please contact me to confirm a date and time for a meeting.
  • All outstanding information must reach me at the latest 7 days before the event.
  • All music you wish to provide yourselves must reach me at the latest 7 days before the event. The music must be cut in MP3 format, in the highest quality, i.e. 320kbps.
  • Gauteng DJ is registered with Samro en Sampra and these licences I take with me to every function.
  • These licences can be emailed to the client if so requested.
  • My clients are responsible for the behaviour of their guests. If a guest harasses me, I will bring it to the attention of the clients so that they can address the problem. If the harassment continues, I reserve the right to immediately cease my services.

  • Supplying of power is the responsibility of the venue management/owner.
  • A table, chair and power outlet must be available for my equipment in the church as well as at the reception.
  • If there is no tablecloth over my table, I use my own black tablecloth.
  • Please provide me with a meal at your function. I eat at my DJ table.
  • I reserve the right to transfer my equipment to a suitable place if the weather warrants this. The final decision in this regard will be vested in me and not in the client.
  • I gladly provide music for afternoon weddings that continue until after 00:00 that evening, on condition that the venue allows this. Please discuss this with the venue owner or manager beforehand.

  • I take standby equipment to every function.
  • I reserve the right not to set up my equipment near campfires or any other open fires.
  • The cordless microphones are expensive and the user (e.g. the master of ceremonies) must look after it well. If this piece of equipment is damaged, the client will be liable for the replacement costs.
  • Sufficient protection must be provided for equipment if the latter has to be used out of doors. An umbrella(s) which provides enough shade must be available to protect my equipment from overheating.
  • I reserve the right to shift my equipment at any stage if there is any possibility of bad weather, rain, fire or unruly guests who might cause damage.
  • A smoke machine, dance lights and lasers are available for the dance floor.

  • I welcome requests from guests and gladly play them. The latter must, however, suit the occasion, and if in doubt, I will first discuss the request with the bride or groom who will then give me permission (or not) to play it.
  • Please allocate me a space as near as possible to the dance floor.
  • Tables should preferably not be placed between the DJ and the dance floor.
  • No sound/songs will be played from any equipment (e.g. cell phones) other than my own.

  • A video will be taken of weddings that Henk Meyer attend - if quoted for.
  • The video will be copied to DVD and provided to the client/representative at my residential address.
  • These DVDs must be requested by the client at least 48 hours before collection.
  • DVDs must be requested and collected within 60 days after the wedding or it will be destroyed.
  • No refund or exchange will be given if clients do not collect the DVD within 60 days.
  • Videos are provided as taken and are not edited.
  • DVDs can also be posted from Postnet to Postnet, provided that the client pays the postage fee.

--- Die terme en voorwaardes is ook beskikbaar in Afrkaans ---

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